Career Guidance & Coaching

We provide support to individuals at every stage of their career. We leverage our own considerable experience of working with thousands of people who we have shared in their career journeys.

Career Guidance

The world of work can be a scary and confusing place. We believe the key to success being aware of your own skills and aptitudes and formulating a plan to reach a career where you can leverage what you do best. How we help you includes;

Skills and aptitude assessments

Psychometric Profiling

Career evaluation

CV writing

Interview preparation

Developing networks

Job search skills

Targeting the job market

Practical skills development

Executive Coaching

The challenge we all face is ‘How can we continue to improve?’ and, as the golfer Nick Faldo put it “No one’s so good that they can’t  get better”. And, we fully believe that. We help individuals and organisations to release previously untapped talent and skills through a process of self-awareness initiated by our talent coaches. Our Executive Coaching Programme is designed to tap into untapped potential.