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About Us

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Our Story

Sparktel Recruitment has been providing technical recruitment services since 2018. We are the number 1 provider of recruitment solutions to the Telecoms and Power Infrastructure industry as well as other skilled labour in the utilities and engineering sectors.
We also recruit steadily in Groundworks, Mechanical and Electrical, Industrial Installations, Engineering, Transport, Utilities, Aviation and Professional Services.

We deliver Technical Talent through permanent, temporary and self-employed contractor solutions.

Reputation and doing the right thing guide all our decisions. We are only as good as our last hire and the experience we deliver. Our business has grown entirely through word of mouth. This is due to how we treat both candidates and companies alike. We exist to facilitate the meeting of great people.

Our Services

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    Traditional Recruitment

    Sparktel will source a candidate that the client employs directly on to their payroll. The candidate can work on a permanent, part-time, temporary or contract basis. The legal employment relationship is between the candidate and client. Sparktel facilitates the recruitment process only.

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    Agency Workers

    Sparktel will directly employ the candidate managing payroll, taxation and the employment contract. The Client will allocate duties to the employee and direct them in their day to day duties.

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    Sparktel will source self-employed contract workers to our clients. We will create and facilitate the legal service agreements between all parties. The client will allocate duties to the self-employed contractor.

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    Volume Recruitment

    Sparktel’s project teams will facilitate the hiring of multiple Direct, Agency or Contractor Workers both at home or across Europe.

    Sparktel will create a fast, thorough and flexible sourcing and assessment centre solution to allow our Client to ramp up.

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    Sparktel supports candidates and clients obtaining all necessary documentation governing right to work, certifications, training, social security and references. We also support the full relocation of overseas workers to Ireland including accommodation and orientation programmes.

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