3 Reasons to Job Hunt in the Summer


3 Reasons to Job Hunt in the Summer

Posted on 29 July 2022

3 reasons to look for a job in summer!


It is a well-known fact that in the height of summer finding that next job falls down the priority list. Taking a holiday, covering for others on holidays, long evenings etc sway the mind away from gaining that new role. Once September hits, the days become shorter and we redirect our energies into the job search. Now is however a great time to enter into a process and get ahead of the chasing pack!


Below I break down 3 reasons that make summer a great time to go job hunting!

1. There’s Less Competition

Just think: If everybody automatically assumes it’s an awful time to apply for an open position, you’ll have fewer people tossing their hats into the ring during that time. And, when standing out from the sea of competition can be a huge challenge to overcome, the fewer resumes you have in that pile, the better your chances will be!

2. Hiring Managers Are Often Less Busy

Most managers, when not on leave, are less busy in the summer months. The less that hiring manager has on their plate means the more time and attention they can give to filling any open positions—meaning your application stands a better chance of being reviewed somewhat promptly (rather than being consistently pushed to the back burner). 

3. You’ll Have an Easier Time Asking for Time Off

You’re always excited to land an interview for a job you’re interested in. But it doesn’t take long for the panic to set in—how will you explain your absence to your boss, without raising any red flags?

During the height of summer, there is generally a more relaxed feel to the office. Nipping in and out for an interview is generally much easier.



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