6 reasons to work in utilities!


6 reasons to work in utilities!

Posted on 31 January 2023

​1. A career for life!

Experienced technical and professional staff within utilities will always have extensive job opportunities. The earth’s population is estimated to reach 8.5bn by 2030. With it, the demand for telecommunications, electrical utilities, natural gas, transportation services and water continues to grow. Utility networks also require constant and perpetual maintenance as well as upgrade works.

2.Work local!

A job in utilities is generally available in your local area and not concentrated to particular regions or geographies. You will find a telephone pole in Leitrim or London

3.Variety is the spice of life!

Each build or maintenance programme of works on a utility network presents new challenges as the utility weaves its way across new villages, towns and cities. Different topographies and natural barriers, population densities, weather, new technology, cobble stones (hello Edinburgh !!!), councils etc all have to be navigated by on a daily basis

4.Every day is a school day!

In utilities things are constantly changing, new technology continues to revolutionise how utilities serve the community. A good example of this is in telecommunications. You have fixed line’s move to fibre or the evolution of 1g to 5g and beyond in wireless. The software and hardware supporting each utility is continually evolving. Technical and professional staff continue to be students for life!

5.Helping your community!

As a utility worker you have an incredible impact on your local community. You can be the electrical worker repairing fallen powerlines after a storm to ensure a hospital, school or home has power. You can be telecoms designer who has created a solution to bring fibre to a rural businesses. You can be a civils team fixing leaking and contaminated water pipes for a small town. Whatever you role in utilities, you will contribute a life changing service to the many.

6.Good pay!

Whether you are in field operations, project management or a worker as a key support service such as in commercial or HSEQ, you will be well rewarded. The skills and experience required to work in the industry are highly prized in what is an employee driven market.

About the author: Niall Browne has over 15 years’ experience within recruitment and over 10 years within utilities. He set up Sparktel in 2017 to become one of Ireland and the UK’s leading recruitment partners to the utilities industry.

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